Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding Wishlist #1 addendum

I had a sweet friend offer to buy me my wish-listed wedding shoes as my wedding gift, which is wonderful, needless to say (here's lookin' at you, Amanda Perkins). Only problem with that is that now that I have begun my search, I cannot possibly pick a shoe that I like best. Does this mean that, yes, Claire, in a Bridezilla-esq fury has bought in to one of the biggest feminine stereotypes? That's... arguable... But thinly so, as I will now post a billion more photos of shoes that I want to be married in (or love so much that I want to be married TO??? I'm not sure that is legal... I'll check into it). I'll start from most loved on down:
These shoes are exactly what I want to buy (any cheaper suggestions? BHLDN shoes, as gorgeous and heart-throb-by as they are, cost an arm and a leg). Victorian, without being overt. Steampunk enough that I feel legit. A girl needs goals, right?
The following two photos are of shoes entitled "The Princess Unicorn Heel". After I read that, I feel as if banners should have waved and trumpets should have blared. A marching band wouldn't have felt out of place. But really, every little girl wants princess unicorn shoes. The name alone makes me giddy, and might be the only reason I really want them, as they are a bit flashy for my taste. (check it: Modcloth)
The rest of these shoes are again BHLDN, and I love them all semi-equally.
The list probably goes on. Just plop me in front of the net, and I'll dig something up.

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  1. maybe they have some on etsy ?? do people even see shoes? :D