Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book On Tape Worm has a music video!!

Scott, Ciera, and Emily make up the band
Book On Tapeworm.

And, oh, how their music stirs up my soul.
(I told you I have talented friends.)

I had the pleasure of joining them on stage (harp power!) a year back for a few shows, and let me just tell you, these kids are like the Provo BEATLES. BOT mania has taken over Utah County! At the very least, they're heading down that right path to extraordinary fame and fortune (if anyone starts dating any artistic Asian, who enjoys laying in bed all day, I will personally take them down).

Dear Book On Tapeworm. Dear Scott, Ciera, and Emily. I love you all so so so much... you're each an individual delight. I believe that you music, talent, and overall je ne sais quoi will take you far.

Cheers on the new music video! I really enjoyed watching it. The guys at The Occidental Saloon, the Provo based performance music video production genius troupe, really out-did themselves this time. I was spell-bound, and spent a great deal of my morning watching and re-watching, over and over again.

Best, CVB

P.S. Current reader, please please give it this video a watch, tattoo Scott's face on your stomach, and tell all your friends about your new favorite band: