Friday, April 20, 2012

The Absurdist's Marie Antoinette

I'm pretty obsessed with all things French. I believe the correct term is Francophile. I especially love the gorgeous tragedy of the French Revolution... I admit to making snarky bastille jokes when I A) see piles of junk or B) any time I walk into a furniture store: "There's enough chairs here to build the Bastille"... I'll be here all night. Plus, what self-respecting theater kid HASN'T seen at least 4 different high school musical versions of Les Mis? 

I'm pretty taken with Marie Antoinette. That poor thing.
Here is my tribute. The Absurdist's version of Marie Antoinette.
Dear Marie, I'm pretty sure you'd like what we've done with your memory. Frivolous and unnecessary. But you'd like it just the same.

Xiao Wen Ju, Anais Pouliot and Frida Gustavsson photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue, May 2012 VIA

Wild fox Coutoure 2011 Spring Lookbook
"The Untold Story of Miss Antoinette and Her Sister"

VooDoooDolly VIA

lexander McQueen Fall Winter 2006 VIA
Uptown and Down, shot by Mario Testino for V . VIA


I've been itching to watch this movie, but never have gotten around to it. This has been in my system for over three years now. Heads will roll (see what I did there?? I'm ashamed of this pun, though it delights me) if I don't get my hands on this film soon. Anyone want to lend me a copy?

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