Sunday, April 1, 2012

So... it was ACDF a couple weeks ago...

Part of me is a complete and total snob.  My other parts are quite lovely, but I do have that ever-present snobbery.  This tragically becomes my most predominate feature during dance concerts (oh, the woes and problems of the first world!).  90% of the choreography I’ve seen has ultimately been thoroughly boring and a complete waste of time.  I support my art form; I just wish watching dance performances weren’t always a complete gamble (will I fall in love or fall asleep?).  To me, I believe that not only should the dance be thought provoking and aesthetically pleasing, but it also needs to entertain.  I am not saying that the piece should be the equivalent of a “So You Think You Can Dance”dance, which is basically two minutes of tricks, schmaltz, and then more tricks.  What I am saying, to whoever will listen, is: be more thoughtful.  Use that bright mind to create something that includes all the dancing chops needed, but also let it include personalized artistic nuance... and for goodness sake, please let it be entertaining.

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