Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Magic Man


The song below is exactly the right thing for jumping into the sun and summer and life and color.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My fake kids and secret dreams of the snow, aka. the Wall Family

This is my sister Whitney and her Supermanhusband, Ryan. 
Mostly because they are awesome, but also because they had kids (four boundless bundles of joy, to be exact) and I love them MORE.
JK, (but only kind of, tee hee)... I will write a love letter to you, Ms Whitney, once I get home to Utah to do another family photo for you. XOXO.

When I have a family, I really hope that they are as bright, beautiful, interesting, quirky, and unique as the Wall kids (and parents) are. Good thing I'm pregnant. JUST KIDDING.
You'd love that, wouldn't you, ENTIRE FAMILY?

 I couldn't leave out Willow. Because I secretly plan on stealing her, changing her name to Balto, and training her to lead my brave sled dog pack down the Iditarod trail, along with the Wall family's two cats.
Pipe dreams.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Paige as a river nymph, a creek selkie, a prom queen, a flowergirl, and my friend

  1.  I can't get enough of this face.
  2. Paige is a rockstar. LOOK AT HER.
  3. She doesn't get how unique her beauty is. I'm considering making an education of this for her. I'll write an encyclopedia.
  4. She needs to let me take her photo more often.


I could literally watch videos of elephants all day.

A little more R and R, aka. Rachel Radebaugh

Can we just acknowledge how great my pal Rachel is?

She has two little crazies to take care of (awesome crazies, only love only, I promise), and still manages to look like a sexy French chocolatier who the entire village is secretly in love with, men AND woman alike? I mean, come on... I am pretty sure its how she stylishly tucks in her shirt, but that could just be me and a thinly veiled inside joke. She is one of my absolute favorite new friends, because she was immediately found out to be the sister to my soul and the rebel leader of my fantasy street gang.

I miss you, Lady R. Come back to the beach soon. Bring everyone.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"BUY ME A BATMAN SHIRT" or "3/4 The Radebaugh family'

I try not to play favorites, but who am I kidding, Rachel Radebaugh is my favorite. Plus her littles are adorbs, so I guess I'll adopt the whole family (even dad, though he had to work during our shoot). Forgive me for shortening adorable arbitrarily, but HAVE YOU SEEN THESE KIDS? 
They are pretty darn cute.
Amen and amen.

(Thank you for hanging out with me, Ms Thang. I love your family, but mostly because you are all photogenic. JK I love you for a billion other reasons. Thank you for the opportunity to take photos of your family!)