Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bad News from Spain

My fellow Claire fans,

I have bad news from the Claire front. It seems that in the past few weeks since I wrote last, some changes have happened in “Los Ninos Animales”. Apparently, Ruel has left the band. Claire writes that it came from out of the blue. Ruel had been struggling for several months with an addiction to Pop Rocks (as we all know a prevalent problem in the Spanish Jazz Circuit) and has left to seek treatment. Ruel came to Agusto in the night and confessed his problem. The conversation was tearful and lasted late into the night, but together the two musicians decided it was time for Ruel to seek help. Claire asks that we all remember Ruel in our prayers and ask for his speedy recovery.

For now, the band is looking for a new drummer, and Claire tells me that Fredrico, Agusto and her are going to stay at Agusto’s cousin’s house in Barcelona. Claire seemed sad but said she knew that with faith and determination the band would make it through this trial.

She wishes everyone the best and thinks of all her friends in the United States often.


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  1. did you have a good birthday??!!!

    i hope so...
    i miss you.