Wednesday, August 13, 2008

News from San Sabastian!

My fellow Claire devotees,

I have just read the most wonderful news from Spain, where Claire has recently moved to pursue a life long fascination with Jazz piano. Apparently, Claire has taken to her new instrument like a fish to water and has joined a Jazz quartet named “quatro ninos animales”, which I’m told means “the four baby animals”. She has fallen in love with a saxophonist named Agusto whom she tells me is either named after the first roman emperor Octavian or Saint Augustine. She writes,

“ Whether Roman Emperor or Saint, he has both the virtues of a true Christian and a noble conqueror. He has both blessed my life with his virtue and tamed my barbarian heart!" (We wont tell her that both men are actually one in the same, Octavian later changed his name to Caesar Augustus upon becoming prinseps in his early 20’s.)

It seem that the young lovers have been booked in several prime spots in the famous San Sabastians Jazz festival! She writes,

“Ruel, Fredrico, Agusto and I have quickly become a fixture in San Sabastians and are booked to open up for some of the biggest Jazz combos in the City! It is so exhilarating! My dreams are unfolding before my eyes!”

Claire ended her letter by saying that she wishes all her fans the best and thanks them all for their prayers and support.”

It sure sounds like Claire is doing great! Stay tuned for further editions of Claire Watch ’08. See you soon!


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