Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Being posh or How I want to dress every single day or Memorial Day

Remember how I'm famous?

Remember how I'm obnoxious?

Yes, dear reader, my levels of attention seeking and obnoxiousness have reached even greater heights . . . and it's on tape.

Joy. Rapture.

Actually, you need to check out this music video, filmed and edited by Will Thomas (who I secretly have a crush on, but don't tell anyone), for Drew Danberry's song "Memorial Day".

Yes, I'm in it (see above about the obnoxiousness).
Yes, I think that summer life should actually look and feel as posh as that shoot was (see above about the attention seeking).
Yes, the video rocks my little girl socks (see above about my lingering crush on Will).

You can check out the Youtube version here:

OR go to this website and see it in HD (It's completely worth the trip. Do say you will.):

Memorial Day

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