Monday, February 1, 2010


... COLUMBUS sailed the ocean blue.

I'm back from my 1st audition for grad school. I miss my new friends (and new relatives??? Now THAT'S a long story...) back in Ohio.
Maybe fate will throw us back together again sometime. Gimme 4-6 weeks. Then we'll know how nice fate really is.

Special thanks to the fantastic Kristen J. for taking such good care of me whilest on this venture. Oh, and Miss Meredith A... I love that I got to know you better. You are both are beautiful people. I MISS YOU!
I got to see Bebe Miller, in the flesh.
Jealous much?
If you are ever in Columbus, OH, You need to grab an ice cream cone at Jeni's.
You've never even heard of the flavors I tasted there.


  1. please tell me these are holgas taken with the camera i gifted to you. we have bff holgas. we should take a picture of taking a picture of each other.