Friday, May 14, 2010

Book On Tapeworm

If you ever felt bad about missing my shows...

I've pillaged
Miss Maddison's blog for the YouTube videos from our last show. So
So NOW is the time to stop feeling guilty (I promise that the liberal guilt trips end here), and start sitting in front of your computer for a few minutes to swoon over the dulcet tones, brought to you by Scott(Front dude, vocals, hair, guitar, born romantic), Emily (sings like an angel, keys-as-in-the-piano), Cierra (is maybe related to Sirius Black, but really is related to Orsen Scott Card, cello, and NEEDS TO QUIT EUROPE AND COME HOME TO PLAY), and Claire
(who is me, who plays the harp, who now feels braggy...
but whatever).

Defcon 5 ("about the fallout after the fallout"-Thanks, Maddison)

(or what wecall it in practice- Coroners)

(but only about 1/2... tragically, because the ending makes me swoon)
I really love these people.
(P.S. I'm hoping to get some good Shady Chapel footage soon. Mostly to write a blog about, then to show Jordan, so he knows I love that band too. Because I do.)


  1. I was at this concert. From what I could hear (which frankly wasn't a great deal) you played beautifully.

  2. Dear you,

    I am glad we are in a band together.



  3. dude i am such a rubbish friend i just barely found out you're in this band doi oi oi xx