Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things I am obsessed with (as of this morning) or "ALL-ONE"

This is how the story usually goes: you're walking around, you're working or schooling, washing your hair in the shower, checking in on Gowalla (woot to us, Stina and Nate), checking out the cute waiters at Takashi (yeah right would I spend my free night at work. I'm a turncoat, so sue me), or just relatively minding your own business... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT? Sure, you're focused on the activity. Sure. SUUUUURE. You're probably thinking about a billion other things. The boys (or girls) you crush on, how tired/hungry you are, whether or not everybody around you hates you/CAN READ YOUR MIND. But what about the other, less important things you obsess over? The flighty, less-important, maybe more worldly things? EX 1: I am still obsessing over that Green House Dress (ahhhhhhhhh so pretty, so domestic goddess, so I Love Lucy) I saw at Anthropologie last month, which I didn't buy because I didn't have a spare billion dollars to throw at that store. But seriously folks, at the moment, the tragedy of the-dress-that-got-away is not even registering over the fact that base-inconsequential-worldly-level Claire needs more of THIS in her life:
OBSESSION #1- Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap
A. This stuff is a catecholamine neurotransmitter in a bottled and bizarrely packaged form. Dopamine for my skin. Jessica P and I fell in love with this heavenly peppermint soap last fall when we were visiting her brother in NYC (subsequently taking over his room, shower and free time... thanks again, Travis P). Apparently, Jess and I run on the same life mantra of ignoring that the vicious Curiosity killed the Nosey (yet beloved, comely, and well dressed) Cat, because we both snuck some of Tra's magic body wash in shower, just to later sheepishly confess this to one another ("Wait, ah, you did that . . . too? -insert quiet chuckling-"). She was swept away. I was swept away. It was love at first the first hit to the olfactory sensory neurons.
B. Dr Bronner was the craziest man to ever want to be Gandhi. Or Jesus. Or just establish world peace. . . through soap. I wish you could zoom in on the label below. It has such gems as: "Eternal Father, Eternal One! Exceptions eternally? Absolute none." Sayings along the same vein cover every spare inch. I. Love. It. AND I'm almost all out of it. A tragic happenstance, indeed.
OBSESSION #2- Buying a swimsuit. But mostly just THIS swimsuit.
I want to be Esther Williams. Oh look. . . Anthropologie has the most perfect bathing suit ever. For a billion dollars. Awesome. But since it's either this or skinny-dipping. . .
OBSESSION #3- American Eskimo Dogs
Just look at that face, and tell me that you don't want one too. PLUS, in the 1930's and 1940's they were circus performers. Now look at that face, imagine it jumping up and down of an over sized beach ball, whilst balancing a teacup on it's nose, and tell me that you don't want one too.
OBSESSION #4- This photo. Uhhhh... Does anyone want to attempt this on my nails? Vincent van Gogh might have just rolled over in his grave. Maybe we should mix it up and instead paint Henri Matisse's 'Harmony in Red' on my toes.

OBSESSION #5- Learning how to Lucid Dream

Because there is SO MUCH that I want to do inside my head while I'm suppose to be sleeping.


  1. i used to use the dr bronner's, mostly cuz my room mate did, and i snuck it in the shower as well.

  2. Try these for swimsuits-

    Pinup Girl Clothing


    My Baby Jo

    I own a suit from each and they are AMAZING (and much more affordable than Anthropologie.)

  3. You are so funny Claire. Lucid dreams.I use Dr. Bronners. Seriously that stuff is great.

  4. David P has been preaching that soap for years. Too bad he smells bad. Not really. But kind of. I'm kidding. No I'm not.

    Elaine and I were talking about how much she wants to design vintage swimwear. I told her she should meet my friend Reachel. I think you may all get along very well.

    I sincerely didn't believe the person who first told me about lucid dreaming. I thought they were so full of crap, I got mad at them.

    Good blog. Keep blogging.