Friday, May 21, 2010

CA, in small doses.

In the vein of re-visiting this past winter...
Rachel, Jordan, and I went to Sunny/Blustery/Rainy southern CA for one of my grad school auditions.

pros: the naked cats (oh how I miss thee), seeing Evan (making him entertain us with circus parties and art strolls... we love you/have Evanmania, boy), watching Clint booty-dance with the manikins whilst shopping, SHOPPING (new bomber jacket, whatwhat), neti-pot, getting read to in bed, and being with my beautiful friends. I love them.

cons: not being able to eat at the fried chicken and waffles joint because I was sick, being sick (good faux-mommas Rachel and Jackie took care of me).

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I could wax nostalgic over the adventures and misadventures of this trip... but let's cut to the chase and just look at the polaroids (maybe I'll bust out the real camera photos sometime):