Sunday, May 6, 2012

Living with an artist...

I love living with an artist.
Chris is one of the most intelligent beings I know. Yesterday's lesson:
I had found this image on one of the Tumblr blogs that I follow (Best Roof Talk Ever), and it pretty much blew my mind. I must admit, that I had to make Christopher walk me slowly through this concept... this is what I remember: the brightest part of a shadow can't be brighter than the darkest part of the un-shadowed area... there's a moral in this lesson that I haven't yet unearthed, I am sure.  Even though I use big grad school art words on a day-to-snobbish-day (today's word was "structural", ask Katie B.) I'm a dolt when it comes to painting. I can't even master finger painting. Maybe that is why it is a blessing, or fate, or something bigger than me 'doing something that scares me, everyday', that I ended up my better half. 
Maybe one day he'll critique my stick figures. I'll keep those to myself and whoever is one the receiving end of 'Draw Free'.

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