Thursday, May 24, 2012

6lbs and 11oz

Welcome to the World, Eloise Marie Rassmussen.
May 22, 2012 is your day, forever and always.

Oh Eloise, Dear first born of my little sister, Dear Bonnie's littIe girl,
 already love you, more than words can say. From the tips of your pink toes to the fluff on your head, I love you!
(Photos from my phone and Madame Denise H's Instagram)

The Family: Bonnie, Jordan, and Eloise!

The aunties - at least some of them! Kate and ME, Claire VBH
OH, and Chris' hand snuck in.

Very serious aunties. Deadly serious.

A natural. I'm great.

Baby crazy?

Father % Daughter time + Innapropriate photo bomb.

Baby heads scare me. As do peaches. Other soft things that should come with a helmet.

Yum yum, new baby.... Look at this dynamo duo.

E, I hope you got my post card from Berlin.

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