Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kathryn Cartwright, Dancer. Part 2

Part TWO of my photoshoot with my good dancer friend Kathryn C.
(Miss you, girl.)

Getting her Rockabilly on.

Her effects. The things that make Kathryn Kathryn .

Don't forget the other side. More things that make Kathryn Kathryn .

 The shadows were having such a party this time of day.

A welcome change from all the jumping and spinning of the day.

  Kathryn loves life. She does.
Despite the curveballs life throws at her. I always found her laughing, talking, and overall enjoying what she was doing (even if it was teasing or being teased, gossiping, complaining (prettily) or wrapping her toes up after a long exhausting day of working the dance floor).
I really hope I somehow manage to catch a glimpse of her lovable happy essence through these photos.

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