Sunday, October 6, 2013

Monster Mash #6

My husband is a TALENTED TALENTED individual. Plus, he's hot. So maybe this whole marriage-thing is going to work out.
(Like there was any doubt.)
He recently became a member of the WoW concept art team at Blizzard Entertainment, relocating us to the perpetual summer of Southern California.

That's another story.

Here's another one: Chris rarely gets a ton of personal time to work on his own projects, but when he does, they are MAGNIFICENT. Like this fine monster of a gentleman, seen below:
VIA Chris Hayes

He is doing great things, and making fantastic art.
Plus, I am just so happy to be so proud of my man.
Good things are happening.


  1. Boy howdy, that monster man is magnificent! If he made his way to WoW I'd totally start playing WoW again! I'd be all,"I know the dude that designed my character. Pretty awesome. He made me haunt this one house once."

  2. actually here is better!!!