Monday, April 20, 2009

Banana Cream Pie Milkshakes

Cute-Boyfriend was a dear, and picked me up some sustenance from the little hamburger joint (I unwittingly called it a diner... Cute-Boyfriend was quick to correct me... gee... thanks Cute-Boyfriend) below Blufrog, where I was putting in a billion hours of work.

Can I just confess something deep and full of hopeful longing?

I really really really really really really really really really
long for another banana cream pie milkshake.

I think that this love that I'm feeling really might be the real deal.
Oh, my darling Banana Cream Milkshake...
how I long to have you at my side again, filling my life with
your creamy banana-y pie-y goodness and beauty.
Oh, how I long to see the cute little Sammy's employees
stuff an entire slice of pie into the blender.
Oh, how I long to get pieces of crust stuck in my straw...
not inconveniently... just delicately and delightfully.

So... anyways...

the moral of THIS story is that I love love love this joint. If you ever get down to Provo, UT, and need to put something inside of your belly other then gas station nachos (MEREDITH) and those orange fruit snack things (EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT LIVES AT MY HOUSE), I highly suggest you pull a cute-boyfriend move, and fill up on sweet potato fries and a milkshake made with real slices of pie...

Visit Sammy's and fall the way I fall every time.


  1. oooh I want to go! That sounds de*lish!

  2. next time i'm in provo... i am so hitting up sammy's

  3. sammy's sweet potato fries are so amazing. i miss that place. im glad is still going strong.