Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mixtape 1

My adorable roommate, housemate, flatmate Ashleigh Brummy Brummer makes the best mixtapes (ah... mixcds) ever. She left one of these brilliant mixes for me in my Valentines box that is still hanging on my door since, well, Valentines Day. Sweetheart knew it was just the thing to pick me up out of the doldrums. So... If you have been dying to know what I've been listening to for the past month, check it out:

1. laura marling - ghosts
2. passion pit - sleepyhead (NEW FAVORITE SONG)3. ladyhawke - paris is burning
4. pacific! - hot lips
(below isn't ACTUALLY a band photo... google images failed me...
though that IS hypothetically the Pacific Ocean)
5. stricken city - lost art6. tokyo police club - juno7. kylie minogue - heart beat rocks (spank rock remix)8. the whitest boy alive - fireworks
9. appaloosa - the day we fell in love10. bloc party - signs11. Cansei de Ser Sexy - knife (cover of the Grizzly Bear song)12. fleet foxes - mykonos13. au revoir simone - sad song (pacific! remix)14. the dodos - fools15. lykke li - dance, dance, dance16. andrew bird - oh no17. stars - window bird18. the notwist - boneless19. azure ray - rest your eyes20. midlake - young bride21. bat for lashes - bat's mouth