Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just woke up.

Let's take stock in how I feel right now:

  • One REALLY great dream ended too quickly. Tragic, since I actually remember this one.
  • I had to share a bed with my sister (that's not the bad part, since she's like the hot water bottle I never had), since I slept over at my mom's house, thus missing my 5 month anniversary with B.
  • My neck and back... basically my entire spine... feels like it was crushed in a train wreck. Or that someone played tetris with each section of my spinal column.
  • I accidently slept in my contacts, so the world is very blurry right now. I'm spell checking the shhhhhh out of this when I get a chance to blink a couple hundred more times.
  • I remember turning over in the middle of the night to yell and shake at my sister, who I was convinced had stopped breathing. Um... she was totally fine. Girl sleeps like a log.
  • I need at least 3 more hours of sleep to feel normal.
  • Gladice, the midnight hairdresser did quite the number on my hair last night. Pretty?
  • Oh. The below photo refuses to be re-sized (Well... now it's ok...).

  • Mandee and Josh get sealed today!
  • I get to help the photographer (Becca Peterson Lund) pose the happy couple.
  • I get to wear my new sun dress all day long (something I'd probably do anyways, but, you know).
  • GOTH PROM. Maybe Bonnie will let me borrow a wig and some GOTHic lolita gear. Only time will tell.
  • Getting to dress up for GOTH PROM.
  • Making up for the fact that I only got to go to my own High Skoooool PROM once, and with a date who fell asleep on me at the end of the night (Thanks Eric Miller).
  • Making up for the fact that I never actually was GOTH when I should have tried harder to find an interesting genre in High Skoooool.
  • The capitalization of GOTH and PROM.


  1. Is B your GOTH PROM date or is he not Goth enough for this one? Lets face it his awesome hair is a dead giveaway for his non-goth'ie-ness! Can't wait to see the pics--Love you!

  2. ClaireBagley,
    Hellooo. I just had to say that I liked your last post. I totally could relate. And the whole parental/substance interventions... MINE DID THAT TOO!!!! (I never had a problem, they just thought my silence meant I did!)