Friday, June 4, 2010


Today is going to be good, despite starting it off so wrong.

The entire drive to work was enough to take all the awesome out of my morning.

Have you ever thought you were running out of gas, mostly due to the incessant broken gaslight in your car (that is ALWAYS ON despite being absolutely full to the brim or any other varying level of fullness), but also because you have but one contact in your left eye, holding down the whole "seeing things" fort, while you race down a semi-crowded I-80, struggling to extract the folded and mushed together right eye contact, which is painfully burrowing itself into the uppermost folds of your eye (and you are deathly afraid, even after 2 anatomy classes and your very own fair share of conversations with an actual eye doctor (thanks, Dr. Wapner), that your contact will remain stuck directly behind your eye and take up a permanent residency on the frontal lobe of your brain, forever altering your chemical makeup, response time, and ability to commit to a normal relationship), but mostly because you woke up exactly twelve minutes after you were supposed to be AT WORK, thus forcing you into disoriented clothing choices that you wouldn't normally make and cancer-patient-esq slicked backed ponytails that haven't seen the light of day since your last ballet class, and you are still half-asleep so all you really really really want in this life is to go finish that dream about. . . whatever it is that you were dreaming about, but you can't really remember because you jumped so quickly from REM-ing (no, not rocking out to the band) to shrieking and cursing awake fullness . . . but also because you might actually be running out of gas . . . again . . . ?

And thus is/was my morning.

BUT I'm leaving work early today for LAGOON, aka. Dippin Dot Central. I'm going to ride a ferris wheel and make fun of plaster ghouls at the haunted house.

This day already is looking up.

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