Friday, June 18, 2010

Take that, Robert Siegel

When I grow up, I want to interviewed on NPR. It's the stuff my little girl daydreams are made of. I'm not particular on the details of who does the interview or what we talk about, just as long as it happens. Of course this means that I'll have to live even more spectacularly then usual in order to have the big "THEMs and WHOs" track me down to spit out my nonsense. They'll take it as wisdom and I'll become a much beloved/well listened podcast, or live in infamy for something outrageous/sacrilegious that I'll accidentally say.
If it's the latter, I'll start wearing masks and traveling in the cover of night.
I kind of hope it's the latter.
Since my dream has yet to come true concerning being interviewed (and a slight chance of mask wearing), I am going to steal the questionaire from one of my favorite blogs that I follow, 01 Magazine, and interview MYSELF. It has come to that.


3 of the last things that have inspired you
1. Gustav Klimt's colors and shapes.
2. Living in the crow's nest of a bunkbed.
3. Photos of long haired girls, or of gestures and hands in natural light.

3 things on your walls
1. Beaux's Grandpa hats. Feathers and plaid.
2. Does the fridge count? If so - a Max-dog, shaped with a hundred small square magnets of classic paintings. I made the first version, while Jessica made the second (I like the second version of Max better).
3. Rose hooks in black, white, and turquoise for my collection of long necklaces.
3 things that you never get sick of
1. Monkey Island for my iPhone
2. Swimming underwater while the light streams in.
3. Goat Cheese and Pears in salads

3 artists who have influenced your development
1. Pascal Magnin
2. Zvi Gotheiner
3. Maya Deren 3 blogs that you follow
My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning
My Vintage Heart
F*Yeah Steampunk Fashion

3 songs that everyone should listen to
1. Final Fantasy - Remix of Star's 'Your Ex-Lover Is Dead'
2. Emily Brown - Song of an Insomniac
3. Judy Garland - Get Happy

End of psuedo-interview.

(Robert Montgomery, Scope Art Show, Basel)

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