Monday, June 21, 2010

On Quitting.

I quit my gig at the sushi joint. It felt like the right thing to do.

Tonight will be my last night working there, and while I will miss the friends I have made there (as well as the supplement to my paltry income), working 14+ hour days has worn on my little girl spirit. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed more time to do what I need to survive, such as: sleeping appropriate hours and eating normal food at a table instead of in my car between jobs. I need to have a summer and to ride bikes and swim everyday and to hang out with Bonnie and to ACTUALLY practice with my bands and dance company and to finish my projects and write lots of post-teen angst-esq poetry and to cover Ben Folds Five songs on the harp. Lots of 'Ands'.

Sent at 12:26 PM on Monday
me: how is your job coming along?
Sent at 12:42 PM on Monday
Nate: dopest
not really
me: quit. it's invigorating
Nate: i love quitting
i quit every chance i get
Sent at 12:47 PM on Monday
me: so everyday?
Nate: i wish
Sent at 12:52 PM on Monday
Nate: how about i quit tomorrow
i don't work Mondays
Sent at 12:53 PM on Monday
me: Ok. You need to do this as dramatically as possible.
Nate: uh, just like everything i do
me: my plan on leaving tonight is this: I'm going to push over a table, light it on fire, grab the bartender by the lapels and kiss him on the mouth, flip off all the waiters, steal the bus-boy's long board and sail into the sunset.
You can copy this pattern and adapt it to your needs/workplace.
Nate: nice
me: I just decided that i might just turn this conversation into
a blog, so you need to be wittier right now.
Nate: guh
me: perfect. keep that up
Nate: bg
me: You're really really good at this
Sent at 1:07 PM on Monday

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  1. i never did come in to get sushi from you. it was simply not meant to be.