Wednesday, June 23, 2010


(You won't get this joke unless you're Ashleigh Brummer, Katie Bald, Brandon Stone, or any other GG-ophile out there in this big world... though Jessica P. might understand through Gossip Girl-Osmosis, which is the movement of Chuck Bass' bowtie molecules across the semi-permeable tympanic membrane of her inner ear from a region of high concentrated late night online television watching to an region of lower concentrated 'Dear-God-I-want-to-sleep-I-simply-cannot-take-one-more-over-the-top-dramatic-reaction-to-a-seemingly-non-dramatic-scenario-and-even-the-sound-of-that-leggy-blonde's-voice-is-putting-off-my-REM-cycle-will-you-turn-that-blasted-show-off-before-my-dreams-are-filled-with-that-Dan-boy's-condescending-cheek-bones' until a state of equilibrium is reached.

Humphhhh. Jess girl is probably glad that I've finished the season, that I have nothing to stay up to watch late at night (except for How I Met Your Mother), and that Chuck got shot.

Shame on you, Jess. Shame.)

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