Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Archived Wedding Flowers

No/Yes. I'm really quite torn on this whole subject:
While I am not yet an aged crone, prowling old tulip catalogs for photos of the prettiest of all posies to mod-podge to the walls my attic living space, full of dust, ceramic kittens, doilies, and, yes, the a fore-mentioned dog-eared tulip catalogs (my future looks bright), I do happen to obsess over the "Floral/Flower/Bower" portion of my "Wedding Ideas and Inspirations" archive. So now, my young girl soul is getting ticketed for the 'Intention To Act Like A Depression-Era Baby' - a real felony in some cases.
So I'm torn. Post these suckas', or send the whole file to the recycle bin. Now that I'm trying to clean up my workspace and desktop, these wedding trifles must go. The battle was fought (in all honesty, the battle was more of an argument between Snuggles (the laundry bear) and the cast of Blue's Clues, meaning not very hard, and full of hugs). Of course, being the hoarder that I am, it wasn't hard deciding to post my garden here. I MAY get nostalgic for wedding planning.
Sure, it might be a while... but it'll happen.


I'm still waiting to get my wedding photos back (Jessica says that THURSDAY is my lucky day. Woot!), in order to share (brag) with the world my most beautiful of weddings. Posts like this will have to do for now.

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