Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh please please please, let me let me let me...

"Why I want to be a part of the Screen Dance Certificate program."

There is something so interesting, so delicate and precise even, to the art of film making. To me, my interest gains even faster momentum once the layer of dance is added to the mix. Dance for the camera is a happy tangent to my main art form, modern dance which inspires a creativity in me, and inspiration that moves me to slide in, roll up my sleeves, and get my hands dirty. The genre fascinates me. The person behind the camera, behind the choreography, behind the very intricate inter-working of their own mind and self, possesses the rare ability to more precisely control an audience's gaze. Of course, one can never fully zombify an audience, making them think what you think, see what you see. But then, what kind of person and artist would want a cookie cutter reaction to their art? Not this person. Not this artist. My interest in controlling an audience's gaze lies in the hope and wish to better understand my own art form, and thus my own self. The utilization of film, as it helps me to finely tune the intentions of the art I create, has a way of sending me down undiscovered paths and wild adventures into my psyche. This plunge into deeper understanding has helped me become even more exact in my artistic intention, which in turns helps me craft art that more clearly directs the audience. The circle moves on and on, refining itself into perfect crystallized artistic intention and even more perfect audience understanding. JOKING (I had you going there, didn't I?). I really don't believe that anything ends up with complete or perfect creative understanding, but at least during the process of creating films and dances that manipulate the audience's gaze I gain some clarity. This clarity, this knowledge of the subtle artistic nuances and the meaning that laces itself throughout the art, is something I can't get enough of. Through knowing my art more deeply, I gain more knowledge of myself, an addiction I don't mind indulging.

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