Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skool- but make that k backwards in your mind.

We're swiftly drawing the first week of school to a close (one more day till singing Katy Perry or Rebecca Black songs is A-OK), and I thought it exceptionally prudent to nail down some school/dance goals for myself this early on in the semester.
  • Stretch after class EVERY day. Not just some days when "I feel like it". Every day.
  • Breakfast up before class in the morning. How did you feel in class today? Great. BECAUSE YOU ATE BREAKFAST.
  • Refine some of those showy 'So You Think You Can Dance" tricks to bust out during boring family parties, to impress my nieces, and for something to do when people say "Hey, you're a dancer. Do something" instead of wanting to kick them in the stomach,which isn't nice, but those conversations about artistic nuance and details of modern art and the meaning.
  • Choreograph for student showcase BOTH semesters.
  • Try out for everything.
  • Be on time for everything. How did this week feel? Great. BECAUSE YOU WERE ON TIME EVERY DAY. No guilt 2011.
  • Stay organized with your time, loose papers, and important dates.

Cross your fingers, kids. I'm jumping into disciplined territory.

(Photography by Jessica Peterson of my Neat-o dance company Body Logic!!!)

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