Monday, August 22, 2011


Pre-wedding, my dear dear friend-bridesmaids Kari Jo and Meredith M threw me a
I doubt that is the 'official name for it, but hells bells if I'm not going to continue to call it that forever anon. It was so amazing! I am so pleased that my sisters Bonnie and Kate came, as well as my other family members. I love having my kin and buddies mix it up like that. Sister-friends.

ALAS AND ALACK, I will not be posting any photos of ME in said underwear. Sorry. Find my other website "Kiss the Groom" (like Pin The Tail On The Whatever, but with your mouth wearing bright red lipstick). You can't really tell, but that sexy cartoon poster has Chris' head attached to it. What can I say? The boy works out animation style.
Again. Proof that I'm really 12 years old.I wish I had more photos of my other guests! But beggars can't be choosers, and I DO love my dance friends a whole bunch. LAURA OR OTHER PHOTO TAKING GUESTS: If you have any other photos of this event, will you send them to me si vous plez? Gracias. Whoa. TRI-LINGUAL??? I am awesome. (Except that's the extent of my knowledge of both languages.)

Oh my goodness.
I wish I could have more parties.
The most parties.

The Most and More and More... party Party PARTY PaRtY pzdfsdgtSRFTGHegaouhty P*@$arthjw30*2(rtnhyyy.

That much partying probably isn't even legal. Especially if they're parties where I receive the sexiest of panties.

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