Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The story of how I went to NYC to visit Jessica.

Here's the story... from a to z, you wanna get with me, you gotta listen carefully...

This post STARTED out normal, but swiftly became a Spice Girls song. This happens to me like twice a day, I swear.This last June I went to the Big Apple to see one of my very very best friends, Jessica Peterson, and to have her shoot my bridals in the bustling city. She's a genius with space and color and I will never NOT plug her stuff on this blog. All the photography on this post is hers, and you really should check out her blog.
Claire and Jess. Big City. 2011.
ADVENTURE TIME. Jess shot my gorgeous bridals. She shot them till they WERE DEAD. OR GORGEOUS. It's all the same, isn't it? We traveled around the city, from Brooklyn to a tiny mini mart to change to shooting around Pier 17, ICE CREAM TRUCKS, taxis, and the Flat Iron Building. Everyone asked what the photog shoot was for, assuming we were something famous or big, something to take back home to the family in Hibberts Gore, Maine or Hibberts Gore, Maine. What we SHOULD have done is make up some great tale about indie movies and marketing for MAC or the sort, but since I'm the worst liar ever, Iwould just tell them it was for my wedding. Still, little girls followed me around. I was akin to aDisney Princess or a really fluffy baby animal.
First off, I got to see my friends who have moved back east, that I rarely, if ever, get to see. Carrie Kim, Jessica E, Jendar, Marcello... the list goes one. I love these people.
Jessica P threw me an NYC Bachelorette party since she loves me. A Thai food dinner, one hellofa karaoke session (to floor all other stereotypically Asian activities), one ridiculous devil horned veil, a couple of gallons of spilled Dr Pepper and Cranberry juice (enough to start an ice rink) LATER, and Voila! Best New York memory ever. Thank you ladies for coming and being part of my festivities, even though you Jess also used me for a model (I fluttered my eyelashes whilst typing this, can't you tell?) for a photography project. Here's a few of my favorites from that day:
We spent an evening with our friend Joel Brown (able to grow the best beard in the world, as well as sing like an angel) and Abby Rose P. (pretty pretty tall dancer with a heart of gold) posting Charlie Horsey flyers. Will you be his friend?
The Coney Island Mermaid Parade was wonderfully weird. Jessica, Devani Rae, Aubrey BAGLEY, Travis, and I snuck into the actual parade and danced alongside the pastied crazies, as standing on the sideline became boring... Next year I'm plastering on gills to blend in more evenly.
Of course, Charlie became famous. He always steals the show, that tricky devil.

I miss the big city.

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