Friday, August 19, 2011

MEDAL BOUTONNIERES (insert drooling)

I unfortunately ran out of time before my nuptial date came about to buy/copy/craft my own version of this wonderful idea for men's boutonnieres. Think wedding stuff, but hijacked and made awesome.
Sickkkkkkk. Times a billion k's.
Wooden Medal - Miju x Norwegian Wood CollaborationWill someone please PLEASE take this amazing idea and use it for their own wedding? Please? Please please? Do what I REALLY wanted to do. Let me live vicariously through your wedding.
There is a massive selection. I wish I had a photo of the ALL BLACK (I hear you won't go back... racist?) medal. I really loved that one the very most. Scavenger hunt for a good photo? Winner gets a handful of... let's see what's in my purse... chocolate covered pomegranate candies? A tampon? A billion defunct iPhone headsets?
The creative minds that brought you this wonderful wonderful item:


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