Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm still cleaning out 2 year old photos from my tiny matryoshka-shaped flash drive. There are gems to be found on there. Yesterday's post and... well... I found these photos from a winter road trip I took to LA, CA with three of my very favorite people and best friends, Jackie Supriseme (WHERE IS YOUR BLOG??),  and the dynamic duo: Rachel, and Jordan of the Lewis n' Clark gang. I posted the iPhone photos of this trip in a relatively timely manner (a year late... give or take a couple months), but these were like the lost underscore to the trip. The bread to my creamery fresh butter. The pure whiteness to my rice(the unhealthy, good tasting type).  Looking through them, I remember guessing that still didn't understand my camera (I forget it had a flash, annnnnnd I used a telephoto lens instead of a normal sized one. Yeah.) but I had to keep clicking anyway. 

Stalker photos of Rachel in the front seat.

 She makes a good stalkee.

LA gallery stroll snobbery

 I look like a Tim Burton character. Get some sun, you ghoul. You go, ghoul!

Oh. Hey Evan. HAI EVAN. Appropriate?

Another example of how Jordan makes friends with everyone.
(And look.... auras! I wasn't kidding about the flash.)

That one dude's thrifty/artsy boutique...

... where we dueled to the death.

Gate crashing some punk/goth/skunk haired girl's circus themed mega birthday party.
It was like 68 scary clowns threw up in an empty warehouse.
Happy Birthday, darling.

Belly dancers look at you with such intense and passionate eyes. Which is why the crowd scattered before her. The gyrating will get you. Oh, it will get you.

Oh Rachel. Oh Evan. I really do miss you beautiful people.

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  1. Come back, bring friends…I have space to crash.
    I'm certain I can be a reasonable tour guide for interesting culture in LA.