Sunday, January 15, 2012

Way back in October... there was a holiday.

My husband made, YES MADE, me a kick-shin Rogue (from the X-Men).
Yes, he went as Gambit.
We're in love. What can I say?
Oh most diligent of men, your sewing skills are both sexy and completely beyond my own capabilities, though I can sew on a mean button. Literally mean. Those thing come with fangs, I swear).
Look out Comic Con 2012!

Pattern Making

Fabric Annihilation

Boy got skillz. I immediately regret typing that out.

After all that... 
how did I not get a photo of myself?
Anyone capture this? Maybe Jessica???

Sexy Gambit.

Bob Dylan

Some Vegetable

Madame Squelette


No costume... so... ballooning enthusiast.

Best fairytale ever.

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