Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some more Fall photos, Eyes Lips Eyes and Co.

Dear CA friends,
Come back and visit me! I miss my you my people, my friends.This completely includes (but is not limited to) David Eff, Marcello, and the Eyes Lips Eyes (formerly The Elizabethan Report) fellows.
Last time I got to hang out with all of the above-listed-friends I was at a Eyes Lips Eyes show at the Velour, a music venue in Provo - like Chuckie Cheese, a place where a kid could be a kid (!), Velour is a place where a kid could put-on-a-pair-of-skinnies-and-a-t-shirt-with-the-arms-ripped-off could feel-comfortable-in-their-androgynous-haircut and also feel like kid (but hipper). But it's also a place where a kid could go and listen to some amazing music... so I am there often and so should you be... just, please, nix the no-arms-t-shirt. Your skinny arms need to see the sun.
But I digress...

Pre-show lounging with David Eff, Jessica P, and myself.
All the cool kids lounge and grimace simultaneously. 

  I'm probably thinking about pop punk here.
Most specifically Fall Out Boy.
That one was for Jackie.

Marcello making time with the LADIES. Though I think one of those girls was engaged. Probably.
Eyes Lips Eye put on a smashing good show. I danced till someone chastised me for dancing in the middle of a family buffet/diner. Then I went to the show and danced some more. I also shadowed (meaning stood next to and generally peppered with questions) the great Marcello Ambriz (check out his blog MJA Photography) snapped a couple great photos of the show.

Rabid fans. Those girls mean business...
 ...and this boy. Yow.

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