Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Real Dead.

 This is another LAST FALL type blog post. My friend Ben made a short film for the Cinematography class last semester. It was about a zombie take-over of the Marriott Center for Dance, because obviously, Zombies just want to groove. 16mm film + broken camera = awesome fluttering action on the developed film. This effect that wasn't REALLY wanted, but in a zombie movie, the fluttering made the film look like some sort of kick shin apocalyptic documentary.

Getting Eowyn into character.

Happy almost un-dead Mike.

 A star is born...?

The un-dead take on anime.

Love them.

 There goes my last chance to run for office. 
I should teach girls how to look (soooo) good for the camera.
Personally, I think I've never looked better.

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