Thursday, July 5, 2012

Color Me In.

A prelude of pictures to come. 

This is far far too late to late in posting some of my spring photos. In March Chris, Mike, and Kelly and I went down to Spanish Fork to celebrate Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors! We painted the town red, then pink, then yellow, green, and purple... Holi is always something I look forward to, one of my favorite days of the year. The feeling of love and happiness ran rampant through the crowds of the chromatised. I wish I could feel this sort of mass passion every day. Forget any of the naysayers, any of the disillusioned... this day is amazing, and you need to experience it for yourself.

Never been to Holi Fest? Here are some tips for the day.
  • Don't forget your face mask/scarf/bandana. You want to be able to have fun and keep breathing, especially if you are in as big a crowd as the one at the Spanish Fork Krishna Temple.
  • Start clean. It's more fun when you are a blank canvas:

  • Be prepared to rub elbows with a whole lot of strangers... keep the love, keep the peace, keep your temper.
  • Buy your color early. It's worth it not to have to push through the crowd into a sweltering tent to buy your color.
  • If you don't buy your colors early, remember to bring your spare cash- no credit machines! You'll need your cash for colors, food, or souvenirs.
  • Don't be worried if you get color on you before the "Big Throw". Share your color with strangers just as they are already sharing theirs with you!
Look at my handsome man. I am a lucky girl.

Kelly's hair made a perfect canvas.

Chris' handywork. Woot!

  • Don't forget to visit the neighbors. The llamas are lovely conversationalists.

The llamas loved this little dog. They completely ignored us when this little guy was around.

  • What did I say about a blank canvas? Light colors are always best.
  •  THE BIG THROW: HAVE FUN. Don't hold back! Use that powder and paint, dance, and laugh! This is a once in a lifetime moment... this is living!

Take it like a man.

 Oh, this should happen. Lots.

Let's all go next year.

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