Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Sun and Summer

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I've been hanging out with my nieces and nephew a lot the last few days since they are staying at my Mother's home for the week. After laying around my mother's home, watching movies and eating licorice with my sick sister, I was in a blue mood, a red mood if you are Holly Golightly. That lackadaisical cloud followed me around all day, and nothing I was doing inside the house was lifting that weight. I knew that the only thing to do to combat my low was to soak up some vitamin D. I went outside to get some sun on the trampoline, and Niece #1 followed me out to beg me to jump instead of sunbathe. So we jumped, then she jumped, and I took photos of her amazing feats with my broken phone. I was still in my swimsuit from our visit to the splash pad/park visit that morning (day two of running through fountains... you'd think they'd be over it, but child-like wonder beats out post teenage angst any day), so I decided to make Niece #1 spay me with the hose that was soaking the sun-burnt grass. That swiftly turned to us making our own splash pad out of the garden hose and the trampoline, despite the otherwise dryness of Niece's clothes. Niece #2 came out and joined in the thorough soaking (though we find out later she had been sent to gather us to the dinner table, oops). I crossed my fingers and hoped I wouldn't get anyone in trouble for getting soaked before dinner. We jumped and danced and pretended it was raining and that we we at the end of the rainbow made by the sun and our laughter.


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