Friday, July 6, 2012

Kelly, The Pre-wedding Shindig

Here is another late posting... as Mike and Kelly have been married for over three weeks now. But I took photos at the backyard Bridal Shower I threw for her is more likely, as I LOVE throwing parties. I practically beg people to let me throw them a party... and drive them to the airport. I love bizarre multi-layered organizational tasks. Apparently. Point is, I love parties. I love Kelly. Here's some photos from her shindig.

Scrumptious finger foods and cupcakes:

I love this sandwich. I'd live off of it if I could. Chicken salad sandwiches (with apples and cashews) on criossants. I'd take a bullet for one of those chickies right now.

Amanda brought such great cupcakes and cookies to the party. She saved the dessert dept of this party from being barren!

 The Grandmothers!:
Grandma Clara Goudy

 Grandma Lee Hayes

Sam and... the other cute dancer girl.
P.s. EITHER ONE OF YOU- feel free to date my brother(s).

Kelly reeeeeally wanted to open presents. 

Pretty Kelly Girl.

Me, Husband, GMa Goudy

Can I throw you a party? Can I, can I?

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  1. Any time you want to throw a party, you can throw one at me.