Thursday, July 15, 2010


In the effort to go along with the STRICT RULES (yeah those... the ones that I keep breaking into a million pieces) about my daily posts, I'm going to attempt to be serious about DAY ONE-UNO-UN-1. Not only do I have to: A- include a rather current photo of yours truly, but I have to b- talk about myself in a list form of 15. Let's begin the shame.

  1. I hate talking about myself. Unless its in a cryptic, vague, and/or poetic fashion. Maybe I'll write a haiku about hating talking about myself: Words describe me not. Lists leave wit behind in leagues. This does not bode well.
  2. I need to sleep more. Maybe I'm asleep right now. Maybe you're asleep right now. Maybe the Tyler Durden inside you is out working at a fast food chain to provided for your secret Canadian family while you are sleeping. The Tyler Durden inside you seems to be a real family man. I like that. Your biceps are huge... do you work out??? I see a real future here.. here... in your eyes... Your eyes, your eyes.. Ohhhhh man, did we just have a Peter Gabriel moment???
  3. I don't miss facebook. Yet.
  4. I just watched Underworld for the first time last night... or really the 2nd time. But I was either kissing a boy or watching it plus five other cable channels at the same time the lst time, cause I had forgotten about how much I want to own a catsuit circa Kate Beckinsale in EVERY SECOND OF THIS MOVIE.
  5. I really miss Zachary.
  6. I was completely right about clogs. Let me repeat that: I WAS COMPLETELY RIGHT ABOUT CLOGS. They are so quickly on their way out that EVERY CLOG OWNER will be sucked back in time to their least favorite year from the 90's, be forced to watch marathons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Teen Angel, and then receive pranks calls from those middle school mean girls who mocked your doc marten/tube-sock combination. You so did that, you know you did.
  7. I just googled the lyrics to Lady Gaga's 'Telephone" to gchat to Jessica, since she left our conversation in the middle of important girl talk... maybe I thought it would express my need to continue our conversation, but mostly because I've been singing that song in the car when I'm alone.
  8. Ahem. "Telephone" and "Paprazzi". AND maybe the Glee soundtrack. I never knew that I could love a Journey song. (I told this to my band at rehearsal last night and they made fun of my love for Glee... they just don't understand... *insert sulky teenage moment: Nobody understands me).
  9. I know how to tap dance. I want to utilize this more. More as in, everyday. Everyday as in, whenever I go up and down a flight of stairs with various members of the household help. Shirley Temple style.
  10. I never NEVER thought I'd love tv. But then I met (in this order) Arrested Development, The Office (except the current un-funny Office. What happened there?), 30 Rock, Gossip Girl, Dexter, Seinfield, Community, How I Met Your Mother, and finally... Glee. I have finally become an American. Hand me my gun and my bucket of chicken wings.
  11. I am truly sorry that I missed the Cupcake Party on Monday. Not that I didn't have fun in SLC that night... but Pearl, babydoll, I miss you and cupcakes equally. Now read my blog and accept this formal apology.
  12. My boyfriend draws me prettier than I am. Which is why I like him so much.
  13. My little sister and niece are playing "Sneaky Evil Pregnant Girls". (Or they were, when I made that my gmail/fbook status update.)
  14. I really like using the elipsis... and parentheses (can you tell I'm really digging for cryptic and vague statements??? This is hard, man).
  15. My friends are the best friends. Here's to you.


  1. You leave clogs out of this or else I'll spoil every single one of your favorite TV shows.

    Go ahead. Dare me.

  2. i totally went on facebook after this and was dismayed to find it devoid of claire. i think i need to start a band named devoid of claire.

  3. I love you Claire. And I love ellipses too. Ellipsis? Which one is plural? I'll have to wikipedia that too. (I wikipedia-ed hyphen and found out that hyphenation is a word. Now I'll have to wikipedia whether wikipedia-ed is a word too...)

    yours truly, tier

  4. I left you a comment and it apparently hates me. So what it said in a nutshell is that I love you and I love ellipses as well. The end.

  5. oh just kidding i guess you have to approve it. don't approve all of my comments! or do. because it's funny. maybe i'm colorblind when it comes to the color green. because that is what the little note at the top of the screen is. it says, "your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog approval." doy.

    and the word verification on the bottom says "unbryo". Sounds like embryo. funny.

  6. I accept the apology. I tried tagging you in a kitten picture, but you weren't there to be tagged. Just know my cats are cute, and you are too.