Monday, July 19, 2010

Day Toi.

Day 03 - A picture of you and your friends:

Look. I know that these photos are on the old-ish side. But ever since I quit fbook, I'm having a hard time digging up any current photos of My Pals and Me. Reason #1 to jump back on the band wagon? Maybe not. This is all beside the point... Anyways, special thanks to Jess for having blogged thes about two summers ago, so that I could steal them now.

I love my friends.

Family Photo. I was trying out vs Mel and Jess for the rebellious teenage daughter in this one (P.S. I do believe that this was the night of Christmas in July, thus explaining my hot pink and green ensemble). That makes the rest of the family: Chris Rees was the creeper uncle, Natalie the MSDWLF (mom some dudes would like... etc), Jackie: the shy-sensitive-middle school art teacher (yes, that IS her head behind Nat's), McKay and Ed both vying for 'Daddy position', Matt as the family Nephi, and I have no idea what Paul is doing.
Clothes-pinned-up girls. Me, Jess, Natalie, Melanie.

We will eat your first born. The end.

(Large group photos were taken by Jess on a timer, so she could rush in. Jackie took the men's-shirt-no-pants-girly photo. She SO is not missing out on the next one.)

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