Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Thursday Night,

Thank you for letting Modest Mouse play in SLC. Craziness ensued.
Every. Single. Person...
who's ever loved this band showed their face. EVEN THOSE "die-hards" who... well... really only adore the mice because "Float On' was on X-96 in 2005 and/or they've played Rockband in their basement with their equally greasy, dateless, pop-tart eatin friends (no offense, I've been there too). At least my friends and I found room enough to dance around, make fun of the hippie dancing, avoid the very mysterious smoke that was drifting from the hippie huddles, and to yell along with the lyrics till we were hoarse and coughing (me). Note to self: Next time, don't wear a sweater. Just don't.

1 comment:

  1. sweaters and flip flops are mistakes at concerts. also, anyone wearing a bag(purse, backpack, murse, etc.) was my enemy there.