Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 11 - Friend-ies-esq-like photos.

Today is quite literally the first day I have missed fbook. Why? I have zero photos of my friends and myself just saved up in my wallet. I don't really even think my wallet has room for all the photos I'd want to carry around with me, to pull out to impress old people with. Alas and alack.

I decided to YET AGAIN scavenge from my dear friend Jessica's blog, as I have no other source for photos. SO YES, Jess took these, as Jess and her camera get along quite well.
*Re-loo and Me. Adventures. Sisters. Probably.*Katie B and Me modern dancing NOT VELOCIRAPTORS.
*Dear Velour, Thank you for letting the beautiful Emily Brown sing her heart out for my friends and yours truly some sunny/rainy/who-knows-what-the-weather-was-doing-outside-as-we-were-cozy-within Velour evening. See if you can spot me scratching zeeee boyfriends back, while he draws photos of parakeets eating parakeets because I had a dream about it. Then look for Jackie Surpriseme and I reminiscing AGAIN about Fall-Out Boy. It doesn't get old.
*DC. THREE cupcakes, TWO of my favorite girls and ONE mysteriously injured foot. *some stranger took this photo on Naomi's camera. As it's the only one that Jess DIDN'T take I thought I'd give a shout out to the unknown stranger. Awards also are being issued for my hat, Naomi for having pretty friends (all of whom are taller then me, boo), and brunch/vintage shopping. I miss NYC. I miss Nay. I miss wearing that hat... so guess what I'm going to do when I get home?
*Dear Ryan, Shaina, Natalie, and Jon Jon, but not Max because he sheds on me daily, I miss you. You are MIA from my life... and maybe some of you started to wear bizarro fashions now, and now I have no say in this, and now I am sad because either you nor I am around so I can tell you that ONLY BRO'S WEAR TANK TOPS. ONLY BROS.
*11:11 wish that I could go back in time and go to this party so that I could have been in this photo with my girls. Stupid laws of physics or gravity or of the land or whatever deemed time-travel impossible. At least backwards time travel. I would dig (yea verily) a very fast ride through space.
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  1. do we not have many picture together?! i don't think we do. and it makes me sad. you know what else makes me sad? the fact that i really miss you right now!

  2. I feel honored to be in this post. :) Also, I miss you.