Friday, August 13, 2010

I need more Spanish doubloons for my gypsy belt.

Now that I'm on this fortune telling vein...
I remember wanting to be Esmeralda, who, to be fair isn't exactly a fortune teller, per say, but was and is gypsy love interest of The Hunchback of Notre Dome... THE GYPSY as far as 11 year old Claire is concerned. I loved that '96 animated flick so much, that for Halloween that year I wore a VERY INTENSE gypsy costume under an equally intense and terribly terribly bulky down jacket and mittens. Snow in October is a travesty. Maybe I need to reinvent that costume this year as to honor little Claire's dreams. Or I could just pull together a sexy nurse/cat/Albert Einstein costume as is the norm for my age group.

I want to build a gypsy wagon
and live out of it every warm summer night.