Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things I that I love 8/10/10

  • Vinyl Williams @ Kilby Court. Best band I've seen out of SLC in a while.
This night kept up the waves of nostalgia for hanging around the sketchy alley of Kilby Court, spending time fixing my hair in the graffiti-ed and be-stickered bathroom with my girls, collecting the free pins and stickers, flirting with boys with greasy hair and tattoos... ah the traveling bands. I don't miss you very much.
  • Long car drives.
I've spent a great deal of time shooting photos of Chris in this exact angle: sitting to his right, as he takes command of the wheel.
  • My faux-tattoos.
This face was on my forearm for about a week and a half. Much long than one would assume was sanitary. I just couldn't bring myself to scrub it too hard in the shower.
  • 24th of July fireworks.
Katie B, Chris, and I got to do some thing not normally legal, something silly that shouldn't have made me feel so rogue-ish, something that probably isn't worth writing home about... but we sat in the middle of the street, with our bikes propped up against the median. Kicking back in the middle of the road, with hundreds of other "deviants" made me long for a good picket line or sit-in.
  • Storm-ridden skies, with the sun streaming through the cracks, cheering me up and changing me for the rest of the day.

  • Escaping parties. Look at this happy Exteena-girl.
  • The Tokyo Pop van. (Still wondering why was it even in SLC. Ah well, my gain.)
  • Kittens. Inspired by KITTENS. I played with Mandee's kittens all weekend, but I DO need to stop by Pearl's to see these little lovelies:

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