Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What happened to those guys? I miss those guys.

I recently re-discovered my photobucket account and the result was a wave of nostalgia for my early twenties. If you take a look to the right side-bar, you will get to see the delightful dancing gif of yours truly in all my X-OK-pop-punk-rock glory.

Svetlana, you dear booted and tutu-ed mistress of the internet. You single-handedly made all the 13-19 year old myspace dudes with piercings fall in love with you and immediately buy a billion of hooded t-shirts for their equally pierced girlfriends.

Rock. On.


  1. haha, wow. long time no see. the xok guys are still around, teasing that they will someday do something with xok. but until then, one is in the army, the other is getting married again.

  2. and I won over all of those boys and got you! I dig my rock - punk - babe of a girl!