Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 12.

How you found out about (YOUR BLOG HERE) and why you made one:

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

I don't recall the whole epic deciding process over whether or not to get a blog, I really don't.

But I bet if we put the ordeal into a nice montage format we come up with scenes like:

  • Me making long lists on loose-leaf, suddenly tearing it all up, and watching the pieces descend in slow-mo.
  • Me arguing with friends (also in slow motion), throwing my hands in the air, and stalking away down (new scene) a very long hall, found only in empty, locker-lined high schools.
  • Me jogging (lots of running in this montage) down a city street, running past cafes full of happy blogging people, stopping to breath with my hands on my knees, and sweat runs down my forhead.
  • Me using a abacus.
  • Me eating pizza, laughing with people, but then turning away with a sad glint in my eye.
  • Me laying awake in bed, night after night, tossing and turning, finally throwing my pillow over my face in angst.
  • Filler scenes of the Blogger/Blogspot and Tumblr logos rotating in hypnotic circles.

Yeah, something along those lines.

Now that I'm actually thinking about it, I think its the same reason I had a fbook account; Naomi told me to get one to stay in touch better, and so I did. The End.


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