Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Birthday or Day 21

Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy:

My 26th Birthday!
I have been excited about my birthday since my last birthday.

My favorite boy, who is my friend, who I kiss on the mouth, so I guess he's my boyfriend (ha ha ha... oh, Chris), pulled together such a memorable day for me. Needless to say, there are too many statements/stories that begin and end with 'needless to say'... That being said, I'll restart it like this:


Surprise suprise suprise... Well it was, mostly, as I wasn't really 'in the know' of what was going to happen for my birthday party. My boy and my friends took the mantle of party-planning-worrying-and-pulling-it-together-ness from me, then went above and beyond.I'll sum it up for you. (Disclosure: Now, if you weren't invited, please please don't be sad/mad. As I'm no longer on facebook/am connected to my beautiful people quite easily, others were in charge of and and all inviting, and really did try their best to get everyone that they knew I knew, with out me knowing what they were doing. So if you weren't accosted over this, I am truly sorry... and YOU AND ME will go have a splendid friend-date to make up for it. Kapeesh?)
  • Gigantic bubbles

  • I GOT TO WEAR A CROWN. Yeah. I know.

  • A million tiny fairy lights and streamers strung up everywhere

  • Sparklers and candles

  • Photobooth, and photoshoots by the great Jessica P (for more party photos, go to her blog)

  • Dance Party under the stars with my sisters and friends(to a kick-shin mix by DJ KayBdizzle. Thanks Katie, xoxo)

  • Trampoline/Flying
  • "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"/"Zombieland" backyard projected movies. (WE'RE DOING THIS AGAIN SOMETIME!!!

  • Tiny dogs that look like lambs.

  • A ba-gillion cupcakes (Thank you Whitney, Mom, and Melanie! They were all so incredible), candies, and treats.
  • Being surround by the family and friends who love me.


  1. you are STUNNING in every single picture claire. and i can't believe i missed your birthday. i am so sorry. i need to call you. there is so much to discuss!

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY my love! i miss you so bad.


  2. i was bummed that i was out of town for this. i'm glad it was super awesome. also, happy birthday, really late.

  3. You look great in that picture Mizz Bagley.

    And I miss Lamb.

  4. this sounds great!

    it's my birthday next week - might try some of these out