Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 19: Nicknames.

Dear Day 19.

Nicknames. You HAD to bring up nicknames.

Thank you for calling back all the inner angst and sorrow little baby Claire experienced at the hands of her cruel and prone-to-jeering cousins.

with no Hair
Sitting in a
rocking Chair."

This little verse has plagued my life every since my halcyon days, and leaving me with the bad taste in my mouth for the nickname "Claire Bear". I am currently shuddering. I just handed you a lethal weapon. Please be responsible.


  1. Ugh. Nicknames. They are rarely clever and more than usually unpleasant.

    I was called "Fattie Maddie" for a long time. It was not my favorite name.

  2. I adore nicknames! With a difficult-to-rhyme-name like Danica, I simply did not have nicknames growing up. But in college they abounded. And since college friends are the best friends I've had, these nicknames were endearing and humorous. I love being nicknamed and bestowing nicknames. It's really too bad 'Claire Bear' has been tainted seeing as it is so cutesy. We should talk soon Clairington. Love you darling.