Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 18. Blueprints.

(This post was supposed to be about my goals/dreams/aspirations. While I do have those, and not a few, I'd rather surprise you in the end.)

I wish I could tell you my fortune, read my future in my own palms. I wish that owned my very own crystal ball and tarot cards that would point, with perfection to what will happen to me. I wish that someone would lay out the bare bones of what I'm supposed to do in order to solve the equation of an every superlative life.

No I don't.
As I sit and imagine knowing EVERYTHING, and how great that would be, I start to realize how bored I'd be. Knowing what lies ahead in twenty minutes, in three years, in a decade, ect etc etc seems perfectly terrible. I'd be scared to leave this desk chair and venture into that future, thus enabling my addiction to the internet... and I really don't want to start playing WoW.

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